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Honors Thesis

Department of History, University of Pennsylvania

Goal: Complete an honors thesis based on research in primary sources, drawing on careful analysis of the evidence and presented in a clear, organized, argument-driven exposition. Project entitled 

Delinquents, Rebels, Lovers, and Lost Souls: Representations of American and French Youth Culture in Film.

Actions: Accumulated 16 months' worth of work: Conceptualization of Topic, Research, Writing and Editing, Revising and Formatting. Other tasks included communication with supervisors, itemizing budget for travel to archives, grant writing, trip organizing, scheduling.

Results:  Won James V. Saporito Memorial Prize, Department of History Undergraduate Research Award for the best undergraduate research paper or thesis in Intellectual and Cultural history.

Brand Proposal

Lee Uniforms, Teal Orbit

Goal: Collaborate with service industry personalities (bartenders, servers, baristas) to amplify awareness of Lee Uniforms brand and build personas to drive follower growth and engagement across channels.


Actions: Researched competitive landscape for examples of creative assets and measured their impact on audience engagement. Utilized competitive analysis to recommend creative assets and strategies for content diversity and segmentation.  Presented to Teal Orbit Founder, Senior Account Manager, Lead Designer, Account Manager, and fellow Marketing Associates.


Results:  Proposal accepted by Teal Orbit and Lee Uniforms.  New creative assets posted to Lee Uniforms social media platforms. Increased audience engagement up to 88% in first week of running assets.

Brand Consumer Report

Lee Uniforms, Teal Orbit

Goal: Develop detailed Customer Profile for Lee Uniforms to reference when offering insights and recommendations for campaigns that could be incorporated into digital strategy.


Actions: Researched audience’s demographic and psychographic information as well as online behavior. Compiled information on content they engage with. Gathered specific behavioral statistics and facts, including hashtag insight and brand research. Presented to Teal Orbit Founder, Senior Account Manager, and fellow Marketing Associates.

Results:  Insights and reccomendations for digital strategy well received by senior management.  Report used for reference when discussing new campaigns during weekly Creative Call meetings.

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