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A New Cookbook with Old Recipes—Thanks to 70 Grandmas (Food52)

An interview with authors Anastasia Miari and Iska Lupton about their debut book, Grand Dishes, the importance of telling older women’s stories in today’s media, and what it means to cook with context.

Claiming a Seat at the Butcher's Table (Just Cook)

A history of how women have played—and continue to play—a defining role in sustaining the feasting tradition of beefsteaks, which were once considered a men-only event.

Two New York Creatives Are Crowdsourcing Global Covid-19 Support for Small Businesses (Culture Trip)

Interview with Danny Owens and Elena Hart, co-creators of the SupportNYC website and Instagram account. I explore how their platform source and supports restaurants, bars, salons and other small businesses around the world that have been impacted by coronavirus.

The Women Dressing Fans Like Country Stars Over Instagram (Harness Magazine)

Interview with Kristy Mondelli about Stage to Closet, a fashion Instagram account co-created by her and country music star Karen Fairchild. I explore how the two women are filling a glaring gap in consignment, supporting local charities, and creating a more intimate connection between musicians and their fans.

New York's Newest Food Tour Connects Veganism to Counterculture Roots (VegNews)

Interview with Samantha Dreifuss, founder of OnRoot Tours, about how her food tour company unravels veganism’s unconventional history in New York City—all while sampling the East Village’s best vegan restaurants and shops.


How to Make Your Brand a Powerful Sales Tool (Thinkso Creative)

3 tips that add meaning into a brand's marketplace performance.

Tighten Your Writin’: Dash It All (Thinkso Creative)

Basic style guidelines for when, where, and how to use dashes in copywriting.

More Than a Passing Fad (Thinkso Creative)

3 ways trend forecasting can benefit a brand—and resources to get started.


The Return of Summer in Central Park (Medium)

My walks through Central Park and how summertime in New York City looks different—and the same—during the  pandemic.

“Goodnight, Ladies,” My Quarantine Lullaby (Medium)

How an unexpected show tune that has been helping me sleep soundly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Reclaiming My Me Time (The Conversationalist)

How I started prioritizing self-care by giving myself more "me time," and what that meant for my mental health as a result.

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